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How does cultural assimilation change the brain's internal clocks?

What happens when the American Dream is no longer possible? 


Alter_Sueños is a speculative fiction about a possible future in which the American Dream disappears, causing Americanized immigrants to pursue alternative dreams in alternate places with alternate time senses.

In 2022, DACA recipients' children are separated from their biological parents and 'taken in' by a Silicon Valley tech bootcamp aiming to create a talent pipeline for emerging artificial intelligent infrastructure, solving lack of 'diversity' issues in the tech industry and finding a way to gain cheap labor. The children are socialized to fit into the Silicon Valley tech culture, and later the Silicon Valley robot culture, as in the future, robots are their primary co-workers. When their AI specialized skills are no longer needed due to AI robots taking over the US labor industry, they are laid off and forced to leave the US and return to their 'home countries.' In high demand back 'home,' a neurotech company called Alter_Mundos is called on by the Mexican government to alter the brains of the returning DACA babies to that of a Latinx person in order for a fast transition to a new workplace.

A neurotech company called Alter_Mundos is working on optogenetic techniques such as cognitive behavioral e-mapping has the ability to manipulate cognitive processes of one time sense to another through precise neuron therapies. The main procedure is to take a workaholic brain that constantly thinks about time and task-oriented planning to that of Mexican culture, which revolves around family, duties, expression, and interpersonal relationships.

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Sleep Dealer, 2009
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, 2004

- DACA recipient deportations
- The future of work
- Silicon Valley diversity issues
- Immigration reform
- The pursuit of the American Dream
- Trauma

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