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Autodesk - Future of Work

Client: Autodesk, Office of the CTO, Corporate Strategy team
Team: Radha Mistry (story strategist), Yime del Santiago (illustrator)
Role: Researcher, conceptual designer, produced prototype artifacts for workshops, co-facilitator for stress-testing workshops  

The Future of Work Worldbuilding Project was completed during a 3-month internship at Autodesk’s Office of the CTO with the Corporate Strategy team during summer 2018. The purpose was to employ strategic foresight and develop four finely textured and researched speculative scenarios about the implications of automation on Autodesk’s tools and customers, using fiction to prototype the future. What emerged were scenarios that included a season, terrain, artifact, and set of characters that used technology to adapt their career paths to new circumstances. Each were based on many in-person stakeholder interviews, reports, and current events. Set roughly in 2030, the scenarios are not meant to be a perfect prediction of the future, but rather serve as provocation for further tailoring Autodesk’s corporate strategy to a preferred future that has been stress-tested with stakeholders in the industry.